2935 Kingston Road, York, Pa 17402


Way back in the day, about twenty years ago, this crazy—and shall we say naïve—youth minister named Scott from York, Pennsylvania had a crazy idea.

Scott said, “you know” (he says that a lot), “it seems to me that these young people come back from the Steubenville Summer Conference, mission trip or work camp all fired up and around October or November the fire is running low on fuel for some of the crew. You know, maybe we should just have us a little one day thing where we do some singing and praising, talk about Jesus and give the young folks some much needed FUEL for the FIRE.”

So the first year about 200 folks showed up to Scott’s parish, St. Joseph’s in York, PA and sang songs of praise, worshipped the Lord, ate pizza, listened to speakers and had a pretty cool Mass with some awesome Franciscan priests. Way to go Scott!

Then the next year Scott says, “you know, maybe some more people from other places might want to come.” So he invited them. Four hundred showed up. Wow, way to go Scott! He invited a big name celebrity from Catholic Answers, Jason Evert, and at that time Martin Doman was working at the parish doing music, so Year Two was a great big hit.

Then he really started to get a big head. Not really. What really happened is that Scott in humility realized that FTF was a great idea and that the Holy Spirit was guiding it into a day of conversion and renewal for many young people and adults. Scott joined his two friends Tom and Art at the Catholic Youth Ministry Group to begin to pray about what God wanted to do with Fan The Fire®. After much prayer the decision was that we would be open to taking Fan The Fire® on the road if it was God’s will. We made no attempt to promote new locations for FTF, but God has truly blessed this effort with a FTF event in Philadelphia that lasted for four years and in August of 2006 FTF CT was born! And now, FTF in York, PA, continues to draw over 700 people each year.

We now listen to Scott (most of the time). He has great ideas.

Join us for this great idea and be a part of a Fan the Fire® near you!