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Take a look at what others have said about FAN THE FIRE®


“A great day to reconnect with the Lord and remember what is most important-Jesus Christ!”

“Rock-on! Fan the Fire® is energizing, faith-forming, inspiring- a great way to pick-up where Steubenville Youth Conferences leave off! I am impressed at how well the whole event just keeps getting better. See you next year!”.

“Our group was enthusiastic and energized by the Spirit. Thanks for organizing such a positive rally. Our students and chaperones are looking forward to next year’s experience. We loved seeing the youth involved with their hearts and souls”

“Wow Fan the Fire® could start a forest fire! To my surprise, my teens loved every moment- especially Holy Hour!”

“The chance for our teens to laugh, worship and open their hearts to Christ with 700 other teens was a life changing experience they have not forgotten and still talk about!”.

“For four years we have come and wished we didn’t have to leave-ever! I wish every Catholic church could experience the music, the talks, the energy that make-up this inspiring day!”

“Another excellent Fan the Fire®! I wish every Catholic youth could experience this!”

“Thank you for putting together a conference like this. The attitude and minutes used at this conference needs to spread to other dioceses and be kindled in every parish.”

“Totally awesome experience! Looking forward to next year.”

“Good work. The young people from our parish were touched by the ‘fire’. Thanks for everything.”

“Reflecting the peace and order of the Holy Spirit, Fan the Fire® brings youth to the door of accepting Jesus more fully into their lives—all of our lives—where they can freely enter in and take His life as their own.”

“Fan the Fire® is very spiritually uplifting.”

“I could see joy in our teens’ faces as the day went on…joy for being with their Church friends, joy for sharing their Catholic Faith with hundreds of other teens, and joy for learning more about their faith and Jesus.”

“Fan the Fire® helped me look at my life and it helped me realize what I had done wrong. It also brought me back to Church.”

“As an adult, it was very satisfying and inspirational to see so many teens come to Jesus during Holy Hour.”

“Well done! Our Bishop is amazing and so holy. It is good for the kids to meet him in their own environment. This would be a great tradition to start!”

“Holy Hour was amazing! It was the turning point for our kids…and adults. It was very holy and meaningful.”

“The retreat as a whole was spiritually enriching for high school and up!”

“Thank you for making this experience possible for our youth. I wish there had been something like Fan the Fire® for Catholic teens when I was in high school. It was a spiritually uplifting and thought-provoking day.”

“Fan the Fire® taps into the fire that lives on in our hearts for Christ the King. No matter what the struggles He is there for us! Viva Christo Rey!”

“I thought this was spectacular! It was very well organized and very inspirational!”

“To see the youth excited about our Lord and the Church is worth a day at Fan the Fire®!”

“Everything was fantastic! You go a terrific job. It’s great to see how you all pull together to make this event happen for the young people of our area. God bless you all!”